Effectiveness of discontinuing antibiotic treatment after three days versus eight days in mild to moderate-severe community acquired pneumonia: randomised, double blind study

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 28 September 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:690

The authors of this paper, Rachida el Moussaoui and colleagues, have alerted us to some small errors they made when writing their article (BMJ 2006;332:1355-8, 10 Jun). These occurred in table 2 of the full version text on and in the accompanying text. In the per protocol analysis on day 10 the difference between the two arms should be −0.7% (−10% to 9%) [not 0.1% (−9% to 10%)], and in the per protocol analysis on day 28 the difference should be 3% (−9% to 15%) [not 2% (−9% to 15%)]. However, the authors confirm that the text is correct in explaining these differences and that the conclusions drawn are not affected by the errors.


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