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BMJ 2005; 331 doi: (Published 18 August 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;331:438

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Leptospirosis eye disease - Doret Feigin Vitreopathy as diagnostic sign in red eye due to Leptospirosis

Red eye can be the initial manifestation of any disease. It is seen with a yellowish tinge in Leptospirosis and can be due to iritis or uveitis. We diagnosed an undiagnosed case of Leptospirosis from characteristic pathognomic Doret-Feigin Leptospira Vitreopathy, which was first described by Doret in 1951 and then Feigin in 1975 as a characteristic Leptospirosis vitreous involvement. Doret had classified uveitis due to leptospirosis into two forms: a mild anterior uveitis and panuveitis. Vitreous inflammatory cells aggregate to form vitreous exudates floating in vitreous, arranged in a linear pattern resembling a string of pearls and peculiar membranes.(1,3) These vitreous veil-like membranous opacities are either attached to the disc or they freely float in the vitreous. Feigin and Doret described membranous vitreous opacities to be the hallmark of the disease.(1,2)


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