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Country of training and ethnic origin of UK doctors: database and survey studies

Michael J Goldacre, Jean M Davidson, Trevor W Lambert
Table 2

White and non-white doctors who qualified in each year from UK medical schools. Values are numbers (percentages) of those who replied to questionnaires from Medical Careers Research Group unless stated otherwise

All qualifiersAll qualifiers excluding those from abroad*
Year of qualificationWhiteNon-whiteχ2 test for trend (df=1)WhiteNon-whiteχ2 test for trend (df=1)Percentage of total cohort whose ethnic group is known
19741662 (96.7)56 (3.3)1583 (98.4)25 (1.6)74.2
19832657 (93.7)180 (6.3)2528 (95.0)132 (5.0)74.7
19882281 (89.7)262 (10.3)2228 (92.0)194 (8.0)68.9
19932245 (82.7)472 (17.3)799.5, P<0.0012131 (83.8)412 (16.2)675.4, P<0.00174.0
19962589 (78.7)702 (21.3)2528 (82.3)543 (17.7)85.2
19992155 (76.3)670 (23.7)2069 (80.3)508 (19.7)67.2
20002104 (74.4)723 (25.6)2015 (78.5)552 (21.5)64.1
  • * Excludes (a) respondents whose family home was outside the United Kingdom or who did not supply the location of their family home, and (b) for the 1988, 1996, 1999, and 2000 cohorts, respondents who were classified as overseas based applicants to medical school (according to level of fees paid) or who did not supply this information.

  • † For all cohorts combined, ethnic subgroups comprised 0.9% black, 10.2% Asian, 3.1% Chinese, and 2.2% other ethnic origin.

  • ‡ Percentage based on those who responded to one or more of the questionnaires and who completed the section on ethnic origin, which was included from 1997 onwards. Variability in percentages for known ethnic origin is partially because some cohorts have been surveyed more often than others since then. Among all respondents to questionnaires including the section on ethnic origin, 4.8% did not answer that section.