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This week in the BMJ: Three days of amoxicillin are enough for non-severe pneumonia

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 29 April 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:1066

We inadvertently omitted the word “excess” in this summary paragraph for the paper by the ISCAP Study Group (“Three day versus five day treatment with amoxicillin for non-severe pneumonia in young children: a multicentre randomised controlled trial,” 3 April, pp 791-4). The fourth sentence should read: “Clinical failure was more likely with non-adherence to treatment at day 5, an excess respiratory rate of > 10 breaths/minute, and infection with respiratory syncytial virus.” Although the reader who alerted us to this error claimed that the slip prompted him to read the whole article, introducing errors to attract readers is not a strategy that we are planning to adopt.


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