Intended for healthcare professionals

Table 4

Use of resources. Values are means (SD)

ResourceAcupunctureControlsDifference between groups*95% CIP value
No of visits to:
General practitioner1.7 (2.5)2.3 (3.6)0.770.56 to 1.060.10
Specialist0.22 (0.9)0.14 (0.6)1.130.34 to 3.730.8
Complementary therapist2.0 (7.1)2.3 (6.8)0.560.18 to 1.720.3
No of days off sick12.6 (18.9)13.8 (16.2)0.840.64 to 1.090.2
  • Visits to acupuncturists and physiotherapists are excluded.

  • * Adjusted difference between groups. Results are expressed as an incident rate ratio—the proportion of events in the acupuncture group compared with controls. Values less than one indicate fewer events in the acupuncture group. For example, the value of 0.77 for visits to general practitioners means that acupuncture patients made 23% fewer visits.