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BMJ 1999; 319 doi: (Published 28 August 1999) Cite this as: BMJ 1999;319:S3a-7209
  • The requirement to pass the Australian examination has been waived in the case of some doctors practising in underserved areas. The Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association (, whose President is Dr Asaad Raghazi, claims that the policy of exempting graduates from certain “chosen countries” (which includes the UK) is racist. “One of our members—a distinguished doctor from India—worked for more than a decade in teaching hospitals but was deregistered because he did not pass. This week, a South African doctor goes back to work, though he also failed.” According to the ADTOA, more than 1100 migrant and refugee doctors have been denied access to practice, while advertisements for temporary visa holders from mainly white countries continue. Among other tactics, the ADTOA has in the past used hunger strikes to publicise its case. (

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