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BMJ 1998; 317 doi: (Published 12 September 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;317:S3-7160
  1. Zaslove MO
  1. The successful physician: a productivity handbook for practitioners. Gaithersberg, Maryland, USA: Aspen Publishers, 1998.

    There are plenty of airport lounge self help books, but few specifically for doctors. If your idea of a perfect chapter heading includes “from scream team to dream team” and you like aphorisms (“Experience is a hard teacher: she gives the test first, and the lesson afterwards”) then this book is for you. Its author, Dr Marshall O Zaslove runs seminars for his Californian colleagues, and steps happily, anecdotally, and with no hint of irony through all the personal management stuff you ever wanted to know. Well-organised, so you can read it quickly.

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