BMJ 1998; 317 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.317.7153.290 (Published 25 July 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;317:290

A controlled trial of the effects of walking during labour on its duration and outcome found no differences between those women who walked and those who did not (New England Journal of Medicine1998;339:76-9). An editorial commenting on the report (117-8) suggests that “walking may heighten a woman's anxiety as she travels the hallways of the hospital” and that women should not walk alone.

Russian men are almost twice as likely as Americans to die in middle age from disease related to tobacco (Tobacco Control1998;7:3-4). The pattern is quite different in women, however: tobacco kills three times as many American women as their Russian contemporaries, reflecting the fact that American women have been smoking in large numbers for much longer. Sadly, close to 30% of young women in Russia are regular smokers.

Redo coronary artery bypass grafting is forming an increasing proportion of all coronary revascularisation: it accounts for 10-20% of all coronary artery bypass grafts in the United States. A report in Heart (1998;80:9-13) claims that in these operations the results are substantially better if one or both internal mammary arteries are used as the conduits. No randomised trials have been done, however, so the evidence is at …

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