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BMJ 1998; 316 doi: (Published 02 May 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;316:S3-7141

The £12m expansion in the medical and dental education levy (MADEL) for 1998-9 is obviously a welcome boost for doctors in training. The money fuels the budgets of the offices of the postgraduate deans, who have control over all of the training posts in their region. The accompanying guidance warns the deans that the priority will be to create new specialist registrar posts: the glut of SHO posts created in 1996-7 to achieve the New Deal limits on working hours must not happen again whatever the service pressures, says the circular.

Orthopaedics, A&E and radiology are set to expand; anaesthesia is set to contract..

One welcome detail: some of the money will be used to end the current “mixed economy” in locum cover for study leave. At the moment, some trusts pay and some don't: from April 1999 all trusts will be responsible for budgeting for this.

The full document is available as a 806k PDF file on the Department of Health's COIN database or by writing to: Department of Health, PO Box 410, Wetherby LS23 7LL

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