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BMJ 1997; 315 doi: (Published 13 December 1997) Cite this as: BMJ 1997;315:S3c-7122

Not coming out

EDITOR – Interesting though I found Air Commodore David Rainford' s article,1 I thought it odd that he did not mention the forces' ban on homosexuals. Surely as director of personnel he should have mentioned that any military doctor who is gay or bisexual and is discovered will be sacked. The information is relevant to any doctor who falls into the above categories, and also to those who currently consider themselves heterosexual but might change in the future. The latter situation arises more commonly than many people realise. There may even be some heterosexual doctors who might be influenced against joining the military were they aware of the absurd ban on their homosexual colleagues.

I regret I cannot allow my letter to be published with my name; I am still in a training post, and there remains substantial hostility to gays among many senior doctors. If you were prepared to publish it anonymously I should be delighted: until I have achieved the relative autonomy of a consultant position, I do not think it in my interests to put anything in print which could raise a question about my sexuality. Anonymous