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    The easy way to make online MCQs

    • The CAsTLe (Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning) project ( has recently developed a freely available online authoring toolkit for creating multiple choice questions that are accessible on the web. A major advantage of this toolkit is that it requires no prior knowledge of HTML or any other form of markup tags, as the text is entered via a web form, and the test pages are returned immediately to the browser.

    Email to fax gateway

    • One of the problems of email is that the person you want to communicate with must have an email address. However, you can still use email to send information to someone without an email account, so long as they have a fax machine, using a freely available email to fax conversion facility—details are on You can even send faxes to many overseas locations free of charge.

    The dark side of the net

    • The internet is not always a civilised place. Like most technological advances, it can be used for good or ill. Many groups are using the net to spread hatred. HateWatch ( provides an online resource for concerned individuals, academics, activists, and the media to keep abreast of and combat online bigotry. The information found on the site may be offensive to some, but the organisers believe that the best way to fight this cultural poison is to face it head on.

    Child Accident Prevention Trust web site

    • The Child Accident Prevention Trust is a nationwide organisation that aims to reduce the number and severity of accidents in childhood in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They have just launched a web site on

    Helicobacter pylori on line


    • BreastCancer.Net ( is a non-profit making site for survivors of breast cancer, legislators, and medical professionals. Of particular interest is BreastCancer.Net's newsroom, which has an archive of over 800 articles of interest to the medical community.

    The year 2000 and healthcare systems

    • Anecdotal evidence suggests that many healthcare computing systems are still ill prepared for the year 2000. It is encouraging that the Health Informatics Journal is taking the problem of the year 2000 seriously—they will be devoting an entire special issue to the problem in the autumn. If you wish to contribute, see

    A sprinkling of surgical sites

    Index Medicus journal title abbreviations

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