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BMJ 1996; 313 doi: (Published 20 July 1996) Cite this as: BMJ 1996;313:S3b-7050

Canada's current shortfall of neurosurgeons is predicted to continue until at least the year 2011 according to an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (1996;155(1):39-48). A survey of all 174 Canadian neurosurgeons found that a further 62 plan to quit practice by the year 2001. Even at full capacity, existing programs will be able to train only 69 new neurosurgeons by then, but as 50% of Canadian neurosurgery specialty graduates left Canada within two years of gaining full accreditation, citing inadequate remuneration and lack of flexibility in the hospital sector compared to their US counterparts, the system may be direr than health planners imagine.

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