BMJ 1995; 311 doi: (Published 02 December 1995) Cite this as: BMJ 1995;311:1508

Asking patients to write lists

A typesetting error occurred in the first letter in this cluster, by Alejandro R Jadad (16 September, p 746). The P value given in the middle of the penultimate paragraph should read P<0.05 [not P>/=0.05, as published].

Volume and mortality in coronary artery bypass grafting

An authors' error occurred in this letter by Harold S Luft and Jennifer D Parker (11 November, p 1304-5). The y axis in the figure was incorrectly labelled and shows the ratio of observed to expected mortality [not mortality adjusted for risk, as published].

Differences in progression of HIV infection between men and women

Owing to a typesetting error the table was omitted from this letter by Matthias Egger and colleagues (8 April, p 941). The table, which is mentioned in the penultimate paragraph, is reproduced here.

Details of subjects with disseminated cytomegalovirus infection among participants in Swiss HIV cohort study who were infected by injecting drug use or heterosexual sex and were free of AIDS at entry to study

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