BMJ 1995; 311 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.311.7011.1034 (Published 14 October 1995) Cite this as: BMJ 1995;311:1034

For 40 years transplant surgeons have known that females tolerate transplants from males less well than males tolerate them from females, even when the tissues are closely matched. Recent research (Science 1995;269:1515) has identified the responsible factor--a peptide encoded by a segment of a gene called SMCY found on the Y chromosome. This antigen, known as H-Y, is found in mice and men and must have some function other than graft rejection, and the hunt is now on to discover this.

Everyday language links vision with the mind in phrases such as “turning a blind eye” and even “I see”; so it should not be surprising that psychological factors may play an important part in eye diseases. A paper in the “Journal of the Balint Society” (1995;23:13-6) describes 40 patients with emotional difficulties underlying their eye disorders--and the success of simple psychotherapy in relieving the symptoms in half of these.

Patients with severe mental illness who are also addicted to drugs (or alcohol) present formidable problems. A study in Los Angeles (NewEngland Journal of Medicine 1995;333:777-83) describes 105 ex-servicemen with schizophrenia who were addicted to cocaine …

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