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BMJ 1995; 311 doi: (Published 29 July 1995) Cite this as: BMJ 1995;311:319
  1. Nicholas Lee

    Good quality slides, overheads, and handouts are essential when giving a presentation whether it is a seminar, lecture, or paper at a scientific meeting. They provide a reassuring framework for your talk, help maintain the audience's interest, and make sure the salient points are remembered.

    Text based illustrations

    Displaying your key points is a powerful way of focusing the mind of the audience. Text slides or overheads are one of the most useful types of illustrations to create and form the basis of most presentations. The most basic method for making them is to use a word processor attached to an inkjet or laser printer which can print on to acetate sheets for overhead projection or on to paper for the photographic department to make into a slide. Laser quality thermal acetates can be put through most printers or photocopiers.

    The more advanced word processors allow considerable embellishment to the presentation. And if you have a colour printer, it is just as easy to produce colour overheads—even on the night before the presentation.

    Text Slide

    • Template ensures consistent style

    • Easy to enter text and see style

    • Save your own style

    • Can use for slides or overhead projections

    • Slide shows with computer projections

    Simple text slide created with a word processor.

    Liquid crystal display panels

    Liquid crystal display (LCD) colour panels link directly to the computer, allowing the computer image to be projected on to a large screen. This avoids the need for acetate sheets. Most presentation packages include a slide show facility, which allows your slides to be displayed one after the other. Producing the presentation is cheap, but the cost of the additional equipment is high. The system is therefore more appropriate for permanent lecture facilities.

    Liquid crystal display panel.


    Making slides

    Creating 35 mm slides is as easy as making overhead sheets but often requires a little more time to make up the …

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