Research Article

Requirements of British universities for higher medical degrees.

BMJ 1991; 302 doi: (Published 16 February 1991) Cite this as: BMJ 1991;302:397
  1. R Johnson
  1. Medical School Offices, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford.


    OBJECTIVE--To examine the requirements and opportunities for obtaining a doctor of medicine or master of surgery degree from a university in the United Kingdom other than the graduate's own, particularly in the case of foreign graduates. DESIGN--Review of regulations governing the award of doctor of medicine and master of surgery degrees in British universities. SETTING--All 19 universities in the United Kingdom offering clinical courses. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE--Availability of degrees to graduates of other universities. RESULTS--Opportunities for obtaining a degree differed widely among the medical schools, one university (Edinburgh) not admitting graduates of other universities in any circumstance. Of the remaining universities, none would consider a graduate who had not worked in the area where the medical school was located. CONCLUSION--The wide differences in opportunity among the medical schools may put some foreign graduates at a disadvantage compared with other graduates. This problem may become more severe as the number of graduates from the European Community who settle in Britain increases.