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Combination Chemotherapy in Generalized Hodgkin's Disease

Br Med J 1970; 3 doi: (Published 04 July 1970) Cite this as: Br Med J 1970;3:7
  1. W. M. Nicholson,
  2. M. E. J. Beard,
  3. D. Crowther,
  4. A. G. Stansfeld,
  5. C. P. Vartan,
  6. J. S. Malpas,
  7. G. Hamilton Fairley,
  8. Ronald Bodley Scott


    Fifty-two patients with generalized Hodgkin's disease were treated with a combination of mustine hydrochloride, vinblastine, procarbazine, and prednisolone. Complete remissions were obtained initially in six out of seven patients (86%) who had previously received no treatment, in 15 out of 19 (79%) who had had only radiotherapy in the past, and in 9 out of 26 (35%) who had previously been given chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy. Of these 30 patients in whom a complete remission was obtained 22 have been free of any symptoms or signs of disease for periods ranging from 4 to 22 months. The response to treatment was rapid, and toxicity was not a major problem, except in those who had previously been treated with cytotoxic drugs used continuously and not in courses. A comparative trial of radiotherapy and combination therapy in the treatment of Stage III Hodgkin's disease is strongly recommended.