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Studies on Rubella in Pregnancy: Report of the Public Health Laboratory Service Working Party on Rubella

Br Med J 1968; 3 doi: (Published 27 July 1968) Cite this as: Br Med J 1968;3:203


In a further survey of women of child-bearing age neutralizing antibody to rubella virus was found in 80 to 96% of those sampled from different parts of the country.

When assessment was restricted to susceptible pregnant contacts and rubella in the index case was confirmed by virus isolation immunoglobulin in the dosage used did not appear to give any appreciable protection.

One instance of a confirmed second attack after known exposure to rubella among more than 100 immune contacts is recorded.

The implications of all these findings are discussed.


  • * Members of Working Party: Dr. C. M. P. Bradstreet (Colindale), Dr. S. K. R. Clarke (Bristol), Dr. A. M. Field (Colindale), Dr. J. H. Hale (Newcastle), Dr. M. H. Hambling (Leeds), Dr. D. N. Hutchinson (Preston), Dr. W. F. Lane (Bedford), Dr. A. D. Macrae (Colindale) (chairman), Dr. C. Miller (Hampstead), Dr. H. D. S. Morgan (Carmarthen), Mr. J. Pope (Colindale), Dr. D. Reid (Colindale) (secretary), Dr. E. M. Vandervelde (Colindale), Dr. G. B. B. White (Liverpool), and Dr. J. E. M. Whitehead (Coventry).