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Hepatic Disorders Associated with Liver/Kidney Microsomal Antibodies

Br Med J 1974; 2 doi: (Published 13 April 1974) Cite this as: Br Med J 1974;2:80
  1. M. G. M. Smith,
  2. Roger Williams,
  3. Geoffrey Walker,
  4. M. Rizzetto,
  5. Deborah Doniach


    A study of the clinical associations of a recently defined tissue autoantibody, the liver/kidney microsomal (L.K.M.) antibody, showed that out of 33 patients 26 had clinical liver disease. Fifteen of the patients had active chronic hepatitis and there were seven cases of acute hepatitis, precipitated by presumed virus A infection in three instances and by drug hypersensitivity in the other four. The remaining cases with liver disease included two with subclinical hepatitis and two with hepatocellular carcinoma. Evidence is presented that the patients with active chronic hepatitis may represent a distinct subgroup of the disease with a young mean age, an even male to female ratio, and a striking lack of other nonorgan-specific autoantibodies—that is, antinuclear and smooth muscle—which are usually present in the other autoimmune variant of the disease.