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Excretion Urography in Acute Renal Failure

Br Med J 1973; 2 doi: (Published 09 June 1973) Cite this as: Br Med J 1973;2:575
  1. W. R. Cattell,
  2. C. S. McIntosh,
  3. I. F. Moseley,
  4. I. Kelsey Fry


    High-dose excretion urography has been carried out in 32 patients presenting with non-obstructive acute oliguric or non-oliguric renal failure. An early, dense, persisting nephrogram has been observed in all patients with acute uncomplicated tubular necrosis and in patients with acute oliguric pyelonephritis. This appearance is modified by the presence of pre-existing renal disease. Different patterns have been observed in patients with acute glomerular disease, severe renal ischaemia, and chronic glomerular disease. The study demonstrates that careful analysis of the evolution of the nephrogram in patients with acute renal failure provides valuable information as to the nature of the parenchymal disease.