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Effect of Intra-amniotic Oestriol Sulphate on Uterine Contractions

Br Med J 1969; 2 doi: (Published 28 June 1969) Cite this as: Br Med J 1969;2:786
  1. A. I. Klopper,
  2. K. J. Dennis,
  3. Valerie Farr


    The effects of oestriol sulphate on myometrial activity in a group of young primigravidae, who were at 41 or more weeks' gestation, are compared with those of a placebo in a double-blind trial. Both compounds were administered over a period of six hours directly into the uterine cavity following artificial rupture of membranes. Intra-amniotic pressure recordings demonstrated a peak in the mean intensity in uterine contractions in the oestriol-treated and placebo-treated groups at six and four hours, respectively. The length of labour tended to be shorter in those patients having greater uterine activity.