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Dextran and intermittent pneumatic compression in prevention of postoperative deep vein thrombosis: multiunit trial.

Br Med J 1978; 1 doi: (Published 15 April 1978) Cite this as: Br Med J 1978;1:952
  1. R C Smith,
  2. R A Elton,
  3. J D Orr,
  4. A J Hart,
  5. I F Graham,
  6. G A Fuller,
  7. J S Rundle,
  8. A I Macpherson,
  9. C V Ruckley


    Seven general surgical units co-operated in a clinical trial of dextran 70 and pneumatic calf compression alone and in combination in the preventing of 125I-fibrinogen-detectable deep vein thrombosis in 305 patients. Both dextran regimens were significantly more effective than pneumatic compression alone. Pulmonary embolism was diagnosed in 14 patients, but there was no significant difference in incidence among the three treatment groups. In patients receiving dextran there was no greater median operative blood loss but there was a significantly greater incidence of postoperative bleeding complications.