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Detection and measurement of fetomaternal haemorrhage: serum alpha-fetoprotein and the Kleihauer technique.

Br Med J 1977; 1 doi: (Published 28 May 1977) Cite this as: Br Med J 1977;1:1377
  1. E Lachman,
  2. S M Hingley,
  3. G Bates,
  4. A M Ward,
  5. C R Stewart,
  6. S L Duncan


    A raised maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein concentration was taken as an indicator of fetomaternal haemorrhage due to amniocentesis and was used to calculate the volume of the fetal bleed. The alpha-fetoprotein concentration seemed to be a more sensitive and reliable indicator than the established Kleihauer technique and may have further applications in antenatal testing.