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Study of dust mites in three Birmingham hospitals.

Br Med J 1975; 1 doi: (Published 11 January 1975) Cite this as: Br Med J 1975;1:62

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  1. M E Blythe,
  2. F Al Ubaydi,
  3. J D Williams,
  4. J M Smith


    Samples of dust were collected from wards in a general hospital, a geriatric hospital, and a skin hospital. Mites were found on the floors of all three hospitals; Surprisingly, the skin hospital showed fewer mites than the general hospital. The differences were attributed to the variation in ward activity, the number of visitors on the wards, and the differing cleaning regimens. Plastic-covered mattresses were almost completely free from mites, but foci were found on soft furnishings and on the jackets and overcoats of hospital workers. The total numbers of mites were small compared to those found in house dust, and hospital mites probably do not consitute a serious problem for asthmatic patients.