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Chronic Bronchitis: Method of Cigarette Smoking

Br Med J 1973; 1 doi: (Published 31 March 1973) Cite this as: Br Med J 1973;1:776

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  1. J. Rimington


    Male volunteers for mass radiography examination, aged 40 or more, were questioned about their sputum production, smoking habits, and, when applicable, their method of smoking cigarettes.

    Of 5,438 cigarette smokers 460 (8·4%) smoked their cigarettes without removing the cigarette from the mouth between puffs (“drooping” cigarette smokers) whereas the rest smoked in the normal manner.

    Persons who admitted to producing sputum from their chests on most days of the year or on most days for at least three months of the year for a minimum of two years were classified as chronic bronchitics in the absence of other causative disease.

    The rate of chronic bronchitis among the “drooping” cigarette smokers (41·5%) was considerably greater than that among those smoking cigarettes in the normal manner (33·6%). The same pattern was maintained when age and cigarette consumption were standardized, though “drooping” cigarette smokers had a slight bias towards plain as distinct from filter cigarettes and towards a lower social class this was not sufficient to account for the excess of chronic bronchitis among those using this method of smoking.