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Prophylactic Treatment of Angina Pectoris. A Double-Blind Cross-Over Comparison of Alprenolol and Pentanitrol

Br Med J 1970; 1 doi: (Published 24 January 1970) Cite this as: Br Med J 1970;1:203

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  1. A. Aubert,
  2. G. Nyberg,
  3. R. Slaastad,
  4. L. Tjeldflaat


    Twenty-one patients with angina pectoris took part in a double-blind cross-over comparison of alprenolol (an adrenergic β-blocker), pentanitrol (pentaerythritol tetranitrate), and placebo. Two-thirds of the patients were clinically improved on alprenolol 100 mg. four times daily, which was found to be significantly better than pentanitrol 30 mg. four times daily and placebo. There was also an indication of reduced severity of anginal attacks during alprenolol therapy. It is concluded that success in at least two-thirds can be expected with alprenolol. No serious complications or side-effects occurred during alprenolol treatment.