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At BMJ, we want all of our staff to have respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries. Our range of offerings helps us achieve this as part of our overall learning and development programme for staff.

  • Buddy system

    Having a buddy can really make a difference to the success of your induction. They can be your friendly information source, from learning where to buy the best coffee to joining the gym.

  • Career coaching 

    Benefit from personalised support with managing change, balancing work/life commitments and developing positive working relationships. All staff can attend career development surgeries.

  • Induction

    During the first few months of your career at BMJ, you will really learn about how to help bring about a healthier world. You’ll also get a direct insight into our corporate strategy.

  • Insights discovery 

    Take part in a fun workshop to raise your self-awareness and awareness of others. Learn how to create an efficient workplace through great communication and problem-solving.

  • LinkedIn learning

    Take reasonable time out of your working day to discover thousands of educational videos to build your business, technology-related, and creative skills.

  • Mentoring

    Boost your career as either a mentee who gains support and advice from a more experienced mentor; or by sharing your skills as a mentor to help mentees gain new perspectives.

  • Talent bank scheme

    This wonderful scheme invites all staff at every level to find and share knowledge through projects posted internally. These collaborations between departments develop employee skills and allow new ideas to flourish.

  • Working with Google 

    Across BMJ, we have the entire organisation on the same page with Google workspace tools. If you are not familiar with Google, each department has Google champions on hand to give help and support.


  • Step Up development programme

    Permanent staff from under-represented groups are able to take part in this new and exciting initiative that develops and recognises BMJ’s diverse talent. 

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Rhenu Selli
BMJ human resources department