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Meet the team

Our staff all work toward the same goal of improving patient care around the world.  Here you can learn about some of the team's experiences of working at BMJ.

Sharon Cooper, Chief Digital Officer

BMJ Chief Digital Officer Sharon Cooper joined BMJ 3 years ago as CTO. Recognised by CIO Magazine as one of the top 3 CIOs in the UK, Sharon has moved BMJ's product development platform from Oracle to Postgres, slashed the time-to-market cycle, and reduced infrastructure provisioning time from weeks to hours through automation.

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Pedro Lopez, Engineering Manager

November 2015: BMJ ran its second successful internal Hack Day, where over 40 of BMJ’s most creative developers got together to create truly memorable work. One of the team winners, BMJ’s Engineering Manager, Pedro Lopez, took five minutes to talk to us about what the day meant to him.

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Ingrid Bray, Corporate Communications Manager

Ingrid is responsible for devising and implementing effective and impactful external communications strategies, plans, and activities to promote the company, its mission and capabilities to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and competitive advantage. Here she describes a typical day in the corporate marketing team.

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