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Research to Publication

ELearning programme from BMJ and UCSF

Research to Publication

Research to Publication is aimed at early career clinical and public health researchers, though it can be tailored to undergraduates or more advanced researchers.

Career advancement. International recognition. Advancing medicine. An influx of funding. These are just a few of the benefits associated with publishing medical research in a peer-reviewed journal with a high impact factor. 

However, for many early career researchers, especially those in emerging economies, this door remains closed. It is blocked by a lack of training in things like research design, medical ethics, and the journal publication process.

In low- and middle- income countries, there is a distinct lack of local resources to help medical researchers design, conduct, write up, submit, and publish their work.

Having worked at The BMJ for over 25 years, Head of Research, Dr Trish Groves is a strong advocate for improving the way research is conducted, published,  and disseminated. TGpicMay16

She has witnessed researchers’ challenges first-hand while assessing and reviewing thousands of research papers, delivering international lectures, and running workshops on topics ranging from research ethics to proper data collection.

Demand from institutions and universities for The BMJ to provide research training for their staff and students has never been higher and has prompted the journal to explore how it might make its expertise and training material – developed during more than 10 years of outreach – available more widely.

The result is Research to Publication, a research methodology programme which provides researchers with the insights they need to become published authors.

Developed through collaboration between academics at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and senior editors at The BMJ, the programme contains six courses focused entirely on medical research, guiding learners through the entire process from designing a study, to seeing it published in an international journal.

The online programme goes much further and deeper than a standard medical writing course.

  • It includes narrated videos, links to key resources and learning exercises.
  • Modules cover both the mechanics of conducting medical research and lay bare the mysteries of the academic publishing process.
  • Research to Publication is focused on medical research and is filled with inside knowledge. As a modular, online programme it offers complete flexibility to study what’s most important to them and do so at their own pace. 
  • After successfully completing each module, researchers receive formal recognition in the shape of a certificate from The BMJ’s Editor-in-Chief Fiona Godlee and UCSF’s associate dean.
  • They will also be invited to submit their medical research protocols to BMJ Open, with an offer of a 75% reduction on the open access publication fee if their article is accepted.

We are actively seeking partnerships for Research to Publication with institutions:

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