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Case study

How BMJ Careers helped Lincolnshire recruit new doctors

Lincolnshire is located in the East of England. It has over 100 general practitioner (GP) practices which have recently begun to federate to provide a more effective service to larger groups of people within the county.

To support this expansion, Lincolnshire general practices needed to recruit more GPs. The Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) approached BMJ Careers to help design a campaign to increase the recruitment of GPs from all over England to work in their county. This is their story.

A market research project conducted by the LMC showed that people living outside Lincolnshire were very unfamiliar with the county. People were unaware of its landmarks, heritage and even its location within England. The LMC worked closely with BMJ Careers to raise the county’s profile and build awareness of Lincolnshire within the primary care sector across England. 

BMJ Careers helped the LMC to create Lincolnshire’s own brand and a highly successful recruitment campaign. The aim was to attract applicants who could innovate and diversify with new ways of working with the wider health and social care teams. 


LMC received specific guidance on marketing and branding. They were equipped with specialist marketing skills and knowledge that enabled them to brand Lincolnshire General Practice with a distinct look and feel. They were also taught how to market their brand across the wider sphere of general practice. This has spread out into other areas and been really useful for the whole of Lincolnshire’s medical community.

The campaign involved BMJ Careers providing the LMC with customised marketing and branding training and a workshop for individual practices. This workshop covered, ‘how to design a logo, create appealing adverts, and how to produce compelling copy that targets the right applicants.’ This approach has patently been proven to work, shown by the campaign response from GPs from all over the country.

“One practice hadn’t had a single applicant to an advertisement that ran for 18 months. They advertised with the campaign and received 6 applicants, from which they were able to successfully appoint one doctor.” Kieran Sharrock, Medical Director, Lincolnshire LMC


Another success measure is revealed through the brand recognition that has helped to formulate conversations. The majority of people approaching the LMC stand at the BMJ Careers Fair and at other meetings, include GPs who have seen the logo and branding in publications, brochures and online.

BMJ Careers were able to support the LMC throughout the whole branding process. This has helped to create an appealing look and feel brand specific to Lincolnshire. The campaign provides a clear example of the success this approach has for medical communities across the country. It also acts as a case study for other counties to emulate. They are now working with other Local Medical Committees to fulfill the aim of recruiting GPs, in a way that is distinct to that county.

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