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Success stories

A track record of delivery that is second to none. These are our stories.

More than ever, health professionals need reliable information from a trusted source. We provide the knowledge and tools they need to make more informed decisions in their clinical practice. In this way, we help them to create better patient outcomes and a healthier world."  Chris Jones, BMJ Chief Executive Officer

Communicating better with patients

What would you do if there were no national guidelines for treating leishmaniasis? Dr Thi Hao Nguyen, an infectious disease junior doctor in Hanoi, Vietnam successfully used BMJ Best Practice to manage his patients who had the added complication of comorbidities.

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Learn how to engage with new starters

BMJ Best Practice is helping prepare the doctors of tomorrow prepare for a career in medicine. Andy Doyle, Information Specialist at the Library Services team for Aston University, tells us how his students get ahead using BMJ tools.

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BMJ Case Reports

"It can be quite intimidating to write for a publication but the guidance that BMJ provides makes it easier than ever to construct a case report." University Hospitals of Derby and Burton staff share with you here why they recommend our online resource so highly... 

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How we build exam success with BMJ OnExamination

As a medical student and resident, you are constantly having tests and exams. Preparing for an exam is important because it teaches you how to work around the structure of the exam and what questions you might get. That is exactly what BMJ OnExamination does - learn how it can help you today.

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Delivering cost effective care

If you work in a small, rural hospital, perhaps in Vietnam, then you might be interested in knowing how to provide effective care whilst working in an under-resourced clinical setting. Find out more.

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Deciphering differential diagnoses

As a geriatrician and education coordinator in Vietnam, Dr Duong uses BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning to help him to prepare his teaching material and improve his clinical practice.

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Successfully managing a gastroenteritis outbreak

Learn from two doctors at the Abu-Al-Khaseeb Hospital in Basra, Iraq, who used BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning to help manage a serious outbreak of gastroenteritis.

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Removing the fear of lung biopsies

Learn how consultant Sam Hare went on to become one of the most prolific and sought-after healthcare professionals after receiving the Cancer Care Team of the Year award for measurably improved care in cancer through innovation and commitment at The BMJ Awards.

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