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Conteúdo sobre Dengue
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Prevention is better than cure for emerging infectious diseases

US incentive scheme for neglected diseases: a good idea gone wrong?

Published 21 Jul 2014

BMJ Learning

Quick tips: dengue fever

Published 16 Feb 2015

Best Practice

Dengue fever

Case Reports

Dengue shock syndrome in an infant

Published 29 Jul 2014

An 11-year-old boy with Plasmodium falciparum malaria and dengue co-infection

Published 01 Apr 2014

Skin rash from dengue fever

Published 25 Nov 2013

Subacute bilateral vision loss resulting from dengue maculopathy

Published 14 Aug 2013

Corticosteroid responsive prolonged thrombocytopenia in a case of dengue fever

Published 26 Aug 2013

Unusual manifestation of dengue fever

Published 30 Jun 2011

Acute pancreatitis and acute respiratory distress syndrome complicating dengue haemorrhagic fever

Published 15 Nov 2011

Acute hypokalaemic quadriparesis in dengue fever

Published 27 Jul 2011

Hypokalaemic quadriparesis: an unusual manifestation of dengue fever

Published 17 Jun 2011

Subdural haematoma and axonal polyneuropathy complicating dengue fever

Published 17 Jun 2011

An atypical case of dengue haemorrhagic fever presenting as quadriparesis due to compressive myelopathy

Published 28 Mar 2011

Skin rash, headache and abnormal behaviour: unusual presentation of intracranial haemorrhage in dengue fever

Published 02 Feb 2010

Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease presenting after consumption of ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ (sodium chlorite)

Published 24 Nov 2014

Arthritis and adult respiratory distress syndrome: unusual presentations of typhoid fever

Published 21 Oct 2014

Symmetrical peripheral gangrene due to Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Published 26 May 2014

Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia and dengue virus co-infection and review of implications of coinfection

Published 03 Jul 2012

Of mice and men

Published 08 Jan 2014

Pancreatitis in scrub typhus: a rare complication

Published 01 Apr 2014

Brucella endocarditis in a non-endemic area presenting as pyrexia of unknown origin

Published 19 Sep 2014

Evaluation of mild encephalitis/encephalopathy with a reversible splenial lesion (MERS) by diffusion-weighted and diffusion tensor imaging

Published 04 Jun 2014

Massive consolidation: a rare manifestation of paediatric Scrub typhus

Published 17 Jan 2014

Intracerebral bleed, right haemiparesis and seizures: an atypical presentation of vivax malaria

Published 11 Jun 2014

Acute hepatitis E complicated by acute pancreatitis and multiorgan dysfunction

Published 04 Jun 2014

An important complication of a child with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: macrophage activation syndrome

Published 11 Sep 2013

The dangers of living in a tent in London

Published 20 May 2014

A rare presentation of Hodgkin's lymphoma in a very young child, with involvement of the appendix

Published 11 Jul 2014

Cerebral-autoregulatory dysfunction syndrome

Published 05 Dec 2013

Extensive acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in a young girl responding to intravenous methylprednisolone

Published 03 Oct 2013

MRI features of Japanese encephalitis

Published 03 Jul 2012

Melioidosis in a returning traveller

Published 18 Apr 2013

Association between sepsis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Published 06 Dec 2012

Hypocomplementaemic urticarial vasculitis syndrome: a mimicker of systemic lupus erythematosus

Published 22 May 2013

Nevirapine-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome following HIV postexposure prophylaxis

Published 25 Apr 2013

Snake bite-induced leucoencephalopathy

Published 18 Jan 2013

Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis presenting as neuromyelitis optica

Published 14 Dec 2012

Do not miss rifampicin-induced thrombocytopenic purpura

Published 28 Feb 2012

Hitch-hiker taken for a ride: an unusual cause of myocarditis, septic shock and adult respiratory distress syndrome

Published 11 Jan 2013

Kikuchi-Fujimoto’s disease involving mesenteric nodes: a report and review of literature

Published 01 Dec 2011

Abnormal talk by a 14-year-old boy with hypersomnolence after a long-haul flight

Published 23 Aug 2010

Student BMJ

Floating healthcare in the Peruvian Amazon

Published 10 Jul 2014

The health impacts of climate change

Published 22 Apr 2014


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