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Our primary fonts are Interface for web design and Arial (or Sans Serif) for word processing.

Please do not deviate from our system fonts in documents, PowerPoint, online or in email. They have been selected for their balance between classic and contemporary sans serif letter forms.






Primary typeface

Our primary typeface should be used as an important part of our brand and when applied consistently, help to identify our communications. 

We generally apply the different weights in the following ways:

  • Interface/Arial regular for body copy
  • Interface light/Arial Regular sizes 14-32 for large headlines
  • Interface italic/Arial italic for light emphasis (usually within body copy)
  • Interface/Arial bold for stronger emphasis (usually within smaller sized headings and sub headings). 






Create a clear hierarchy. Lead with a large headline and then support the headline with clear additional typography. 

Use a bold weight to ensure the call to action is always highlighted.

Ingrid Bray
Corporate Communications and Brand Manager