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Supporting patient care in China

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Supporting patient care in China

BMJ and the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) have collaborated to develop a fully translated Chinese edition of BMJ Best Practice, the online decision support tool designed to help clinicians find the best medical information and use it in the most effective way.

The partnership will benefit over six million Chinese medical staff and many more patients – and reflects the CMA’s mission to improve clinical efficiency, enhance patient care, and support lifelong learning for health professionals across China.

BP China

BMJ Best Practice brings together the latest research evidence, expert opinion, and guidelines on over 10,000 different diagnoses. It provides quick, accurate, evidence-based answers to clinical questions – all built into existing workflows – to help clinicians make the best decisions for their patient every time. The digital support tool already has more than 100,000 users in over 60 countries. The Chinese edition will be available online and as a mobile app, giving busy medical staff an immediate head-start on making diagnosis and treatment decisions.

In addition to the full translation of all BMJ Best Practice content, the Chinese edition will contain the latest clinical guidelines and expert opinion from the CMA, providing access to both international standards and local clinical practice recommendations.

The CMA said: "Clinicians across China are keen to ensure that their work is linked as firmly as possible to the latest and most reliable evidence. BMJ Best Practice allows them to do this in an instant, making it easier for clinicians and patients to make informed decisions together." 

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