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Mission and vision

Our vision exemplifies the fact that we are a global company. Our reach goes beyond supporting clinicians in their daily practice to delivering content that has a positive impact on all medical communities and the health of people worldwide. 

A healthier world

Our mission statement describes why we exist. We have put a lot of thought into this statement. It aims to capture what we do for our customers and users. It should give us a clear reason for existing, one that defines what we do and why we do it. The purpose is never merely “to make money.” To make this clear, it helps to add the thought that “by doing this well, we will provide exceptional returns to our employees and shareholders.”

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world. We share knowledge and expertise to improve health outcomes. 

The meaning behind each element:

BMJ Our corporate identity representing our heritage and flagship product, but never defined purely by these.

Advances Our contribution in striving to improve healthcare.

Healthcare Improve healthcare and its delivery, to ultimately make a positive contribution to the wider area of health.

Sharing A trusted partner to our customers. We are inclusive, open and transparent.   

Knowledge The information, tools and services we provide. Having evolved from a medical publisher to a healthcare knowledge partner, we provide information and support customers in the successful application of knowledge. 

Expertise The breadth of expert advice and guidance found in the content and application of our core products and services.  

Improve Achieving a measurable enhancement in knowledge and application.

Experiences Experiences of patients but also those of healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of healthcare. 

Outcomes Improved measurements in healthcare quality, effectiveness and results.