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We publish to share the outstanding improvements made by healthcare teams around the world.

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quoteOur dedicated online open access journal helps healthcare professionals document and share innovations and excellence in care.

Addressing handover culture

This BMJ published project improved the quality of handover and reduced the length of time handing over and the number of distractions occurring during handover.

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Sepsis in the emergency department

The Sepsis 6 is an internationally accepted management bundle that, when initiated within one hour of identifying sepsis, can reduce morbidity and mortality. Despite falling short of the target, this project shows a promising initial step in sepsis management.

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Reducing violence on older people's mental health wards

The aim of the quality improvement project was to address the problem of physical violence on the wards. Staff members involved in the project were empowered to make meaningful changes and to recognise the impact they have made.

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Multi-faceted bundle interventions

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) remains a worldwide harm associated with hospital acquired infection. A multidisciplinary ventilator-associated pneumonia team was created with an aim to improve compliance with the bundle, and subsequently reduce VAP rates.

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Improving emergency department flow through Rapid Medical Evaluation unit

Despite increases in patient volumes of almost six percent per annum over the last decade at Toronto Western Hospital, there have been no commensurate increases in resources, infrastructure, and staffing. This has resulted in disproportionately longer wait times experienced by the lowest acuity cohort of patients.

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Improving viable low-cost generic medication prescription rate in primary care pediatric practice

United States of America: A clinic flow protocol was developed where providers, nurses and information technologists consciously labelled and started prescribing the most cost-effective generic medications when available. This internal quality measures report saved the pediatric clinics of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine USD$100,000 (GBP £70,000) over 2 years.

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Four Simple Ward Based Initiatives to Reduce Unnecessary In-Hospital Patient Stay: A Quality Improvement Project

United Kingdom: A quality improvement intervention successfully reduced the length of stay for hospital inpatients by 65%. Multiple daily ward rounds and evening bedside reviews successfully shortened the time taken from a patient’s admission to medically fit for discharge status from 21 days to 15 days. It also decreased the discharge process from 25 days to 1 day over the 5 month period.

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Improving illiterate patients' understanding

Pakistan - Malawi - Toronto: The design of a new discharge prescription proforma used pictures and symbols rather than words to convey dosage information in Pakistan. The innovative quality improvement project improved illiterate patients’ understanding and adherence to discharge medications by over 500%. The same design has since been successfully duplicated in Malawi and Toronto.

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