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“Our partnership with BMJ has helped develop the Emergency Medicine Journal into an important scientific journal. The professional approach, expertise and support provided by BMJ has been first class.”

Gordon Miles, Chief Executive, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

BMJ has been a distinctive and trusted voice in healthcare for more than 170 years—challenging convention, promoting innovation and leading the world to improve healthcare outcomes.

Make your journal a leader in its speciality field

Societies choose to partner with BMJ because we share your vision. We are a trusted partner whose philosophy is built on improving healthcare through the publication of the best research and the global dissemination of knowledge and education in a fast-moving and rapidly changing environment.

Create a seamless journal experience

The portfolio consists of over 60 of the world’s leading specialist medical journals covering the main disciplines of medicine - alongside The BMJ. Over 40 are published in partnership with Royal Colleges, scholarly and professional medical organisations across the world, serving a collective membership of over 100,000.

The BMJ brand is a respected one, known and trusted around the world for the quality and influence of our content. The name BMJ represents medical credibility; it brings with it a sense of our heritage, reliability and authority. Our focus is to promote and disseminate clinical advances to lead the debate on health and to engage, inform and stimulate, doctors and researchers.

Expand your brand globally

BMJ has the capabilities, expertise and drive needed to ensure that your journal and your organisation extend their reach and influence across the world. We do this by providing a boutique experience: talented and experienced individuals, dedicated to serving our partners’ interests.

Develop the best content and deliver a high-quality publication 

We will collaborate with you to develop strategies and innovative development plans that can make you international leaders in your field, the technical expertise and contacts to reach a global market through all digital and print channels - never once losing sight of your mission and goals.

“EULAR is committed to transforming the quality of lives of the millions of people in Europe afflicted by rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases. One major part of our activity is manifest in the pursuit of high quality research to inform ever increasing standards of care.

The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, the EULAR journal, published by BMJ, has risen to become the premier journal in the discipline on a global basis. It contains clinical, translational and discovery science of the highest order that will continue to progress the discipline.

The success of the journal reflects the high quality of editorial, publishing, turnaround times and production standards that are the norm at BMJ and that thereby support our aspirations to maintain a publication of world class quality.”

The EULAR Steering Committee

We are committed to honest and transparent relationships and creating top class services to support all the key customer groups we serve: authors, researchers, practitioners, readers, and librarians. We believe that the user experience is imperative to a journal’s success. 

Partner with us to become a leading title in your speciality

“When the Lupus Foundation of America was searching for a journal publishing partner, we could find no better company than BMJ. Working together, the first lupus-specific open access journal came to life in 2013. As a world class publishing partner, BMJ was the perfect fit for us. We highly value and share their dedication to collaboration and advancing healthcare.”

Sandra Raymond CEO, Lupus Foundation of America

We have the publishing experience, technical infrastructure and health science insight to meet your needs. Become a leading title in your speciality by partnering with us.

To find out how we can help your society achieve their goals, contact Dr Allison Lang, Director, BMJ Journals


Allison Lang
Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6212

Talk to us to find out how we can make your publication a leading title in its field. Contact Glen Campbell, US Managing Director

Download the BMJ North American Publishing Program offering below:


Glen Campbell
Tel: 1-646-675-4082

BMJ has two Institutional Open Access options which allow institutions to remove some or all of the financial cost involved when their authors publish Open Access with BMJ: BMJ Open Access Account and BMJ Open Access Membership. Contact Simon Neilson.

Simon Neilson
Tel: Email:

  • Enhance your corporate profile through association with one of the biggest names in healthcare.
  • Influence BMJ’s audience with your branding in print and online in The BMJ and our range of specialty journals.

David Bell
Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6053

The British Society of Gastroenterology benefits from the scale, reach and experience of BMJ as an international publisher.

Richard Gardner, Chief Executive British Society of Gastroenterology