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Making sure that patients receive safe and reliable care is a real challenge and priority for healthcare organisations around the world

Whether you are focussed on improving diagnosis of sepsis or community-based care, our products and services are designed to help you set and achieve your strategic clinical objectives, improve quality and reduce costs.

We help hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals make better clinical decisions on a daily basis.



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We support a range of customer needs including:

BMJ Best Practice provides quick, accurate, concise and evidence-based answers to clinical questions. Our online decision support tool also has the latest research and guidelines – all built into the clinician’s workflow.

Identifying opportunities to reduce the rate of growth in healthcare spending, whilst simultaneously improving patient outcomes and the quality of care.

Improve authors’ success in conducting and publishing high quality clinical research and other medical writing through our knowledge environment and editorial expertise. You can also provide access to high quality, high impact journals serving the medical and scientific communities.

Tailored resources to help healthcare professionals identify learning needs and keep up with the latest evidence, guidelines and best practice. Digital and mobile app solutions are also available to improve accessibility.

Support the educational needs of all medical students and professionals throughout their career with flexible and relevant modules that are a source of accreditation in most countries.

Read our ​case studies below to find out more about how we support academic organisations worldwide.

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