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Whenever you create communications for BMJ, it is important that a master artwork is used.

Never recreate, copy or alter any of our BMJ branded logos in any way. This also applies to products, internally and for campaigns.


Please always seek approval from or discuss your requirements with the brand team first.



Things to avoid

Opposite are examples of logos being used incorrectly. Whenever you create communications for BMJ, it is important that a master artwork is used.





Product referencing in the text

Avoid repetition: Refer to BMJ the company as BMJ in the first instance, the company in the second instance, then we, our or us thereafter. 


To keep BMJ the company clearly differentiated from The BMJ journal, never refer to the company as the BMJ. e.g. 

✖ The BMJ is a values-driven company.

BMJ is a values-driven company.


The BMJ  The BMJ or The BMJ journal in the first instance then as the journal [all lower case] thereafter.

BMJ Best Practice BMJ Best Practice (BP) in the first instance and as Best Practice or BP thereafter. 

BMJ Learning BMJ Learning throughout.

BMJ Journals collection BMJ Journals then journals or the journals collection thereafter.







Copyright is obviously very important to us so we need to respect the copyright restrictions of other publishers and creators. Images can really help brighten up blog posts, articles and webpages, but finding content that you know you can use without infringing on the rights of others can be tricky.

Remember that although you may not see what you are doing as a commercial activity because of BMJ’s corporate status, anything we produce qualifies as commercial so we have to be careful.

BMJ has its own image bank, which is managed by corporate marketing:

Ingrid Bray
Corporate Communications and Brand Manager