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BMJ’s brand is our company’s biggest asset. It is what makes us recognisable as the same global healthcare knowledge provider day after day.


Our name, BMJ

Our name is simply BMJ. As a company, we are most well known for publishing The BMJ (frequently referred to as the British Medical Journal).

As a name, BMJ does not stand for the British Medical Journal. It extends beyond the journal as an acronym with a name in its own right.

In writing, please always refer to our company as BMJ, not as The BMJ, the BMJ, or the British Medical Journal.

Our mission and vision

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world. We share knowledge and expertise to improve health outcomes. 

Using our logo

The company logo and our core product logos have been specially created to make them unique and ownable.

They must not be changed or recreated in any way. This rule also applies to core product logos. Always use approved artwork when applying any of the company branded logos.

It is important to ensure our logos always have enough space, an exclusion area has been created. This area is based on the descending part of the ‘J’ marked with a green ‘X’ in the diagram opposite.

Our logos are also to be given a minimum size so that it remains clearly visible on all applications. This is set at 15mm wide.

Both digital and print file formats are available along with guidance on how to use it. Please send your request with the reason why you want to use our logos to the brand team by emailing: 

What we do

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world. The company supports all health providers around the world, from individual clinicians to major institutions, with evidence-based tools and resources: 


One of the world’s top five most cited general medical journals, since 1840, The BMJ has built a reputation for challenging inadequate, unethical or outdated practice.

Latest clinical knowledge and opinion

BMJ publishes 70 journals, some of which are the most cited and influential titles in their specialty.

Clinical decision support

BMJ Best Practice is a multi-award winning app and website providing evidence-based answers to clinical questions, the latest research, and guidelines.

Learning and training

Accredited continuing medical education and continuing medical professional online courses
for self assessment and exam preparation. 

Medical events and career services

Help for clinicians to improve practice in their current roles whilst also seeking new opportunities.

“Applying these guidelines in everything you create goes toward strengthening the collective approach we must all take to manage and protect the value of our great brand. ”

Designers, copywriters and partners are welcome to email the corporate communications team for brand-related suggestions and advice today.

Ingrid Bray
BMJ Communications Manager