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Building success for both students and staff

Building success for both students and staff

BMJ OnExamination has supported 300,000 healthcare professionals worldwide in their examination revision since 1996.

Developed by clinical tutors and technology innovators, it gives you the tools to help increase your chances of passing your exams.

We spoke to Bader Al Balushi, the section head for the library and information centre of Oman Medical Speciality Board (OMSB). His work at the library involves directing resources to the residents of the institution, assisting with literature searches, and providing training and lectures to introduce the residents to the resources available to them.
Here, he tells us how BMJ OnExamination helps students with their exam preparation by providing realistic revision content and supporting knowledge improvement ahead of key exam sittings.
He explained why exam preparation is equally important for both medical students and healthcare professionals: “Medical students and residents are constantly having tests and exams. That’s why examination preparation is important because it teaches the exam structure and the questions, so they are able to become familiarised with both.
We’ve had a few students contacting us saying that when they were using BMJ OnExamination to study, some of the questions they answered were a very close example of what came up in exams.
The feedback we get from it is excellent; we have students contacting us once they’ve completed their course on the programme, asking if they can do another two or three, which means they’ve seen the benefit of using BMJ OnExamination.”
But aside from the content and questions covered, at OMSB they have found BMJ OnExamination has benefits in other areas, particularly the mock-exam format of the programme: “We use one other resource for exam preparation, but that’s only a questions bank, whereas BMJ OnExamination is a mock examination format. It’s more like the real exam, which is something they don’t usually get to practise beforehand.
BMJ OnExamination brings value to our organisation, because it really tests the students on all that they’ve accrued during training, and allows them to see how well they do at answering the questions. I believe it is a really close mock of the real exams.
If we didn’t have access to BMJ OnExamination, then the residents would miss out on the experience of practising mock exams, but they would also miss out on all the new information coming in.
BMJ OnExamination is constantly updating the questions they provide, so this is the main way the residents have access to that new information.”
In addition to the benefits to the residents and medical students, BMJ OnExamination has also helped OMSB as an institution, by helping them to meet their strategic objectives:
“When we see the residents passing these exams, we know that BMJ OnExamination has helped them to pass, and therefore that the training we provide them on using this resource is successful.
So when the residents pass their exams, that is a success for us.

We really should insist that residents and medical students use this resource to prepare themselves for their exams.
Thank you for the continued support. We have multiple publishers that we work with, but the support we receive from BMJ is something that we are proud to show.”
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