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Our portfolio ranges from specialist publications, careers services and learning resources to clinical decision support and quality improvement tools.

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BMJ Journals

BMJ Journals provides high quality content for health professionals and researchers across the world. 

Our journals include not only The BMJ, but some of the most influential speciality journals in their field.

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One of the most cited general medical journals in the world

BMJ Journals

The most highly cited research

Scenario planning

Future of global research

Research to Publication

eLearning programme for early career academics

Research integrity

Preventing and addressing errors and misconduct

BMJ Author Hub

Get your research published, discovered and cited

Clinical decision support

Our in-house medical experts have spent years perfecting the tools and processes to provide clinicians with the best available decision support. 

The result one of the most trustworthy, evidence-based information resources to help you deal with the realities that come with clinical life. 


BMJ Best Practice

A breakthrough in point-of-care decision support


Practical Approach to Care Kit for primary care

Healthcare improvement

The Alma Ata declaration of 1978 was a pivotal moment in public health, stating primary healthcare would be essential to obtaining the goal of “Health for All” by the year 2000.

That vision proved to be a mirage, yet a renewed commitment by WHO and the United Nations to universal health coverage means that 40 years later, the approach championed by the Alma Ata declaration remains an enlightened and forward-thinking blueprint for countries striving to achieve health for all.

In support of these principles and to further the debate, this special collection brings together content on the progress and future of primary healthcare.

International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare

Meetings on quality improvement

Medical education

Our extensive range of professional development resources assist with assessment, training and CME/CPD via a cutting edge range of online courses, live events and webinars.

Underpinning all our products is the belief that learning should be driven by the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients, with higher quality and safer healthcare as  its explicit purpose.

Over 700,00 healthcare professionals from more than 100 countries access our revision resources and online learning tools.

BMJ Learning

E-learning for busy students and healthcare professionals

Research to Publication

eLearning programme for early career academics

Webinars and podcasts

Free online learning

Rights and Licensing

Rights & licensing

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