High-impact medical journals

High-impact medical journals

89% of BMJ Journals saw an impact factor increase in 2021

BMJ publishes 70+ health science titles. Ranging from pain medicine to cardiology and pediatrics to neurology, more than 50 million healthcare professionals and researchers rely on BMJ publications every year to improve their clinical knowledge. 

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BMJ Quality & Safety is dedicated to the innovation and creative thinking that advances the quality of healthcare and the science of improvement. Readers include academics, clinicians, healthcare managers and policy makers.

A patient-focused editorial team ensures content provides clinical evidence and knowledge that will improve patient care. 

  • Impact factor: 7.035
  • Citescore: 9.0

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Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases is committed to promoting the highest standards of scientific exchange and education. Its international, peer-reviewed content covers all aspects of rheumatology, which includes the spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions, arthritic disease and connective tissue disorders.

Content includes basic, clinical and translational scientific research, including the most important recommendations for the management of various conditions. 

  • Impact factor: 19.103
  • Citescore: 28.7

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The BMJ cover

The BMJ is one of the most influential and respected general medicine journals in the world.

Evidence is the foundation of the journal’s content, which includes original research, reviews, expert analysis, authoritative opinion, medical education and much more. 

State of the Art clinical reviews provide the latest, specialty-specific medical knowledge in 5,000 word articles. Predominantly written by U.S. authors.

  • Impact factor: 39.89
  • Citescore: 6.9

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BMJ EBMH cover



Evidence-Based Mental Health publishes articles relevant to the study and practice of evidence-based clinical psychology and psychiatry, including original research, clinical reviews and systematic reviews.

Content also includes case conferences, expert commentaries and practical statistics articles that enable clinicians to learn and apply an evidence-based approach to their own clinical practice.

  • Impact factor: 8.141
  • Citescore: 8.6

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British Journal of Sports Medicine



The British Journal of Sports Medicine is an authoritative source for the latest research and debate in sport and exercise medicine. Content includes clinical education and implementation success stories, critical reviews and original research. 

An editorial dedication to multimedia ensures podcasts, videos and blogs are frequently posted to enhance article content. 

  • Impact factor: 13.8
  • Citescore: 19.2

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International Journal of Gynecological Cancer


The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer is a premier educational journal that publishes content on the detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological malignancies. Content includes original research, video articles, reviews, clinical trials protocols and opinion pieces. 

Encourage your readers to connect with experts through a monthly Zoom Journal Club hosted by the Editor and authors of lead articles.

  • Impact factor: 3.437
  • Citescore: 4.0

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