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We’re working with the world’s brightest minds to create a healthier world.  BMJ New Ventures partners with startups and entrepreneurial individuals on both early-stage concepts and established products that support the health or medical research sector. 


Take your company to the next level

BMJ’s dedicated funding and investment programme provide opportunities for start-up innovation in healthcare. It is not limited to new concepts and considers well-established applications that focus on relevant entrepreneurial activities designed to better our medical and health communities.

The areas that most interest us cover innovative technology, markets, business models, early-stage investments and funding rounds, online learning, and technology incubators.

Tell us about your idea


Why we want to hear from you

If you are driving innovation and efficiencies within academic research and healthcare, we are particularly interested in hearing from you. Together, we can make a genuine difference, not just to BMJ and our partners, but to hundreds of millions of people across the world.

Our support packages are tailored to meet your needs that will depend on your development stage. This means that for early concepts, we can deliver product development programmes to create robust product roadmaps and a confidently successful launch based on thorough evidence-based market validation and testing. 

For working prototypes, whilst expanding on the influence, brand recognition and reach, we also offer support in the areas of prime advertising real estate and public relations, content, product solutions, clinical support, events and engagement, mentoring, technology and commercial expertise, networking among innovators and business, growth strategies, and exit strategies. 

“Our New Ventures investment programme combines the creative spirit and ingenuity of external innovators with the reach and brand recognition of one of the world’s leading healthcare knowledge providers, BMJ. ”
Anca Babor, Strategy Director
  • Build the most viable commercial plan and be visible amongst a global network of over 100,000 contactable clinicians, and health policy and risk experts

  • Feature in promotional campaigns on award-winning websites that attract 5.5m page views from 2.7m global users every month

  • Thrive from mentoring and support within marketing strategy development and implementation across geographical landscapes

Benefit from an established global footprint ¦ BMJ’s brand is aligned synonymously with transparency, authenticity, and credibility. An integral part of the medical community, we are known and trusted worldwide for the reach and influence of our content. A partnership with BMJ will grant you exclusive access to our vast catalogues of information, and clinical subject matter experts.

Unique perspectives ¦ Our sophisticated technology structures and investment in service-oriented architecture (SOA) allow our products and platforms to seamlessly link to external platforms. We can apply service-oriented concepts without the amount of effort that a several hundred person IT shop requires.

Unparalleled promotion and distribution ¦ One of the biggest challenges for a newly-created company is the time it takes to move toward real growth and expansion. Our dedicated advisory board can offer expertise on how to move your business forward, in the direction that is best for you. BMJ also has a privileged network of contacts across the globe.  

Bring your idea to the forefront of medicine. Work with us today.

Anca Babor
Strategy Director