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BMJ Journals follows the core product guidelines.

This is to be used in all instances where the journals are presented as a full collection, such as: online on, journals., and in print collateral that markets the full collection.


BMJ branded | BMJ endorsed, content partner or supported by BMJ | BMJ online endorsed | protocols for local product branding in hubs and regions





BMJ branded

Individual journals presented in print and online will retain their current logo or written in Interface font. These must be presented in conjunction with the corporate BMJ logo, and with society logos where applicable. The exception to this rule is for individual journals sites which will feature the BMJ Journals core brand logo in the banner.

For further guidance around the use of the BMJ Journals core brand logo and individual journal logos, please email: and





BMJ endorsed, content partner or supported by BMJ

Occasionally we have brands that have strong recognition in their existing form. When it is not straightforward to transition these to a BMJ brand, or when brand equity may be damaged by doing so, we retain their existing form and endorse them ‘from BMJ’.

There may be other times when BMJ endorses or is in a partnership with an organisation. In such cases, our logo features as the strapline of the partnering logo with the prefix ‘endorsed by, supported by, content provided by, or, in partnership with.’

In print materials for products that are co-published by another organisation we use our BMJ master logo as an endorsement at the bottom right.

It is important that our logo retains good legibility and prominence. The size must not fall below the minimum of 15mm wide with a clearance space of x2. The size should also be proportionally similar to partner logos.

If you are unsure, please email:





BMJ online endorsed

When we partner with an organisation online, always feature BMJ’s company or a core product logo in the top left corner. The partner logo sits on the top right. The size of the standard BMJ master logo used across all our sites is 350px.

Never align logos side by side.

All BMJ products and services reside within the domain. No new domains may be created for any reason without approval from brand team.

Where a new domain is created with approval (e.g. For a joint venture, at the explicit request of a large customer etc.), it must have a business owner and be reviewed annually. New products should have a single new subdomain using the suffix after the product name, e.g.:


Alternative names for marketing purposes should be avoided, e.g.,,,, etc.


Please send all queries subdomain name queries to





Protocols for local product branding in hubs and regions

Names for new products are covered by the brand architecture table, which you will find above.

Product logos must not be altered or translated. Logos stay as an image (in English language), e.g. BMJ Best Practice.


However, when referring to products in text only e.g. BMJ Best Practice in promotional brochures or presentations, the name can be translated into the local language.

Ingrid Bray
Corporate Communications and Brand Manager