BMJ Case Reports

BMJ Case Reports

Support case-based learning and publishing at your institution!

BMJ Case Reports is a unique, online-only journal that provides access to 20k+ clinically-significant case reports—the largest peer-reviewed case reports database available. 

Author support and unlimited submissions also provide your medical faculty, staff and students an invaluable opportunity to get on the publishing pathway.

An important educational resource for healthcare professionals and researchers in all specialties and disciplines. Features include:

  • 20k+ case reports on rare and common conditions—quickly searchable by topic, such as a specific condition or medication name
  • Unlimited submissions—42% acceptance rate
  • Author tools, such as peer review, report templates and copy editing services
  • Downloadable images and permission to reuse content
  • Interactive tools, multimedia, and more!


Author benefits

Authors benefit from a quick first decision and continuous online publishing. Published cases are deposited in PubMed Central.  

Case types include:

• Learning from errors • Novel diagnostic procedure
• Global health • Reminder of important clinical lesson
• Myth exploded • Unexpected outcome (positive or negative)
• New disease • Unusual presentation of common disease/injury
• Novel treatment • Images in, and more!