Intended for healthcare professionals

Commitment to divest from fossil fuels

The following medical organisations and health professionals are committed to divestment from fossil fuels:

Royal College of Physicians
Royal College of General Practitioners
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Faculty of Public Health
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Royal College of Emergency Medicine
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
UK Health Alliance on Climate Change
The British Psychological Society
British Medical Association
American Medical Association
Canadian Medical Association
Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Rachel Cottam, GP; CCG clinical lead, UK
Daniel Campion, medical doctor
Adele Wolujewicz, consultant in sexual health, UK
Blaise Genton, professor of tropical medicine, UK
Geraldine C. King, retired GP
Valérie D'Acremont, Switzerland
Philip Barber, neurologist, Canada
Emily Harrington, consultant psychiatrist
Nick Chamberlain-Kent, XR rebel and health professional
Andrew Cole, BMA member, UK
Sean Brennan, foundation year one doctor, UK
Éva Decotte, GP
Hilary Lavender, retired GP
Fernando Cavalcanti, adjunct professor, Brazil
Benjamin Rusholme, GP, UK
Monty Matson, medical student
Anthony Macklon, retired consultant physician
Suhailah Ali, PhD student, Australia
Giovanni Bearzi, president, Dolphin Biology and Conservation, Italy
Catie Nagel, GP partner
Sarah Benn, GP, UK
Margaret Jackson, GP partner, UK
Arnold Mayes, retired GP, UK
Caroline Newman, family doctor
Gili Adler Nevo, Canada
Kim-Chi Tran, physician
Simon Challand, NHS consultant, UK
Alison Hallett, doctor, UK
David Jones, retired associate specialist in haematology
Silvana, teacher
Anne-Marie Chilton, NHS consultant and associate clinical professor, UK
Jo Hindley, midwife
Henrik Pelling, child psychiatrist
Patrick Hart, GP
Shelagh King, gynaecologist
Elliot Clissold, foundation doctor, UK
Anna Jones, public health doctor, UK
Hannah Leask, finance and economics student working with investments
Jennet E. Razo, professor, Philippines
Sharmella Summan, junior doctor
Ashley McClure, primary care physician, USA
Paul Kinnersley, emeritus professor, UK
Dieter Lehmkuhl, retired psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Germany
Sue Atkinson, public health professional, UK
Fatimah Saehrendt, paediatrician and policy maker, Switzerland