Junior Specialist Doctor (Higher) in General Surgery

West Midlands Region
22 Aug 2019
22 Sep 2019
Career Level
Trust / Career grade
Contract Type
Fixed Contract
Full Time

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General Description of the Post

This post provides middle grade support to the General Surgery department at Sandwell General Hospital.  The appointee will have experience in General Surgery and will be responsible to the Surgical Consultants, one of whom will review the post holder’s progress and career developments. The post holder will be accountable to the Divisional Director of Division of Surgery.

A postgraduate qualification is essential.

About the Trust

Great care can change everything. Like you, everyone here at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust wants to be a part of truly brilliant, integrated care. And just like you, we’re ambitious about what we do. We’re always seeking ways to do more and be better for our patients.

Bring your dedication and determination here, and you’ll be surprised by just how great your career can be. We like to think we offer you the best of both worlds. We’re a welcoming and friendly place that’s devoted to our community. But our plans and ideas for the future - yours and ours - are huge.

First, let us tell you what we’re building on. It’s a firm foundation, of which we’re very proud.

We are an integrated care organisation with an outstanding reputation for teaching, education, research and innovation. Our 7,200 staff are here for 530,000 local people when they need us.

City Hospital in Birmingham is home to the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre, the Pan-Birmingham Gynae-Cancer Centre and our Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre. It’s also the regional base for the National Poisons Information Service.

At Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich, you’ll find inpatient, paediatrics, most general surgery and our stroke specialist centre.

At the Trust, we also have significant academic departments in cardiology, rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology. There is now a new Research centre in Sandwell Hospital.

We have intermediate care hubs at Rowley Regis and at Leasowes in Smethwick, which is also the base for our Birth Centre.

Our community teams throughout Sandwell provide integrated services for children in schools, GP practices and at home. They also offer both general and specialist home care for adults in hospices and nursing homes.

In line with our 2020 vision, we will open the brand new Midland Metropolitan Hospital in 2022 - the perfect demonstration of our vision for the future. And we are investing in far more than buildings.

We are dedicated to investing in you. It matters to us that you enjoy the training, support and opportunities you need to fulfil your total potential and build the career you really want.

To make that happen, we’ve trebled our training budget. We’ve developed new career path frameworks and new ways to recognise your achievements.

Because you’re part of our family, we want the best for you.

Our newest hospital

A community of half a million is eagerly anticipating the brand new Midland Metropolitan Hospital. It will be worth the wait. Its opening will be the beginning of a fresh chapter in our ambitious journey to be the nation’s leading provider of integrated care.

As well as being the closest adult hospital to Birmingham’s busy city centre, Midland Metropolitan Hospital will offer dedicated maternity and children’s services. Crucially, it will bring together teams who provide acute, emergency care, in line with the views expressed in our public consultation.

This exciting new building has been designed with room to grow. What’s more, we are retaining buildings and wards at Sandwell Hospital for future development.

The majority of out-patient and day-case surgery services will still be provided at Sandwell Hospital, the City Hospital site and Rowley Regis. City Hospital will house three key facilities - The Birmingham Treatment Centre providing outpatient, day case and diagnostic services. The Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre, and the Sheldon Block will provide intermediate care services. The Sandwell site will house the Sandwell Treatment Centre, intermediate care beds, and a new 24-hour urgent care centre. All of this mean that our communities will benefit from truly excellent facilities in the years ahead.

In 2016-17, nearly 6,000 women gave birth with our help.  526,945 people attended outpatient clinics. There were 199,437 patient attendances plus 33,265 attendances seen under GP triage at our emergency departments with over 38,994 people admitted for a hospital stay.  

We undertook 45,950 day case procedures, whilst more than 650,000 patients were seen by community staff.

Each year we publish a quality account to outline to local people how our services compare to our aims and to others. 

The latest data shows that:

Harm-free care:  We achieved 95.4 per cent coverage for VTE assessment in 2016/17.

Safe stays: Our overall readmission rate within 30-days of discharge from April 2016 to February 2017 was 7.2 per cent.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Department of General Surgery


Over the past several years the general surgical department have reconfigured its services and all inpatients activity now takes place on the Sandwell site. Within general surgery, endoscopy, daycase/short-stay surgery and out-patients take place on both City and Sandwell sites with some outpatient activity at the Rowley Regis site.

In November 2015 the City site SAU closed and an enlarged SAU opened on the Sandwell site. City Hospital retains medical services and some surgical specialties including urology, ENT, gynaecology and the regional gynaecology-oncology unit, as well as an emergency department, although this has been changed from a trauma unit to a local emergency hospital with transfer of trauma to either Sandwell or the major trauma unit at the University Hospital Birmingham. Both sites have an ITU and acute medical admissions unit.

To support this re-organisation systems and pathways have been put in place to divert all emergency GP referrals and ambulance admissions with abdominal pain to Sandwell and transport City ED referrals to Sandwell SAU for assessment as required. In exceptional circumstances emergency general surgical treatment will take place at City Hospital.

The department has 61 beds over 2 wards (Lyndon 2 ward and Priory 2 ward).  In addition, there is also a 20-bedded Day Surgical Unit/Admissions Unit and associated daycase theatres, and the use of beds in the Intensive Therapy Unit and Paediatric Wards. A newly expanded 8 bedded higher dependency (Level 1) area (SMU) provides care to higher-risk post-operative and emergency patients and is co-located on the higher acuity Priory 2 ward.

Elective Activity

All elective inpatient activity takes place at Sandwell, with day case, out-patients and endoscopy taking place on both sites. There are two inpatient wards with a total of 61 beds co-located on the same floor as the surgical assessment unit. We currently have 23 theatre sessions split between inpatient and day case, the majority being based at Sandwell. Outpatient and endoscopy sessions also take place each day.

The department delivers a range of general and specialist activity. The colorectal team provide colorectal cancer surgery and IBD surgery which is performed predominantly laparoscopically (and to include trans-anal TME surgery and single-port surgery) and has a large functional bowel practice in addition to general coloproctology. The general/upper GI team deliver a wide range of general surgical activity as well as specialist laparoscopic upper GI services such as anti-reflux surgery, hiatal hernia surgery, bile duct exploration, splenectomy and hernia surgery.

The department contributes to the trust endoscopy activity, both upper and lower GI.

Emergency Activity

As described above the vast majority of emergency activity takes place at Sandwell, with only a small number of unstable patients being treated at the City site.

To facilitate this we currently have 2 consultants on call each day between 08.00 and 18.00 with no other commitments. One is based at Sandwell and is responsible for seeing all emergency inpatients each day including weekends, the other provides cover for the CEPOD theatre in the morning and any inpatient referrals from City Hospital. Overnight there is a single consultant covering cross site.

There is a CEPOD theatre staffed 24/7 with allocated consultant anaesthetic sessions 08.00-18.00. There is a separate trauma list every day meaning that general surgery has priority access to the emergency theatre.

The Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) is comprised of a 24 bed/trollied ward and an adjoining ambulatory assessment area – the Surgical Emergency Assessment Unit (SEAU).  An emergency daily “hot clinic” is run through the SEAU for review of ambulatory primary care or ED referrals with dedicated ultrasound slots to reduce overnight stay and facilitate rapid access to diagnostics for emergency patients.