Do you want to work in a system that values GPs and primary care?

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25 May 2019
31 Aug 2019
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Putting general practice and primary care at the heart of the healthcare system 

 Scotland is a progressive nation built on dynamism and creativity. For a small country, we’ve made a very big impact and we continue to progress and pioneer. Our warmth and generosity is renowned around the world, as well as our driving determination. Scotland is a welcoming place, where people from all over the world choose to make their home with communities that still look out for one another. 

Our Vision 

This is an exciting time to work in general practice in Scotland. Primary Care reform is gathering pace in Scotland as we continue to shift the balance of care into the community. A cornerstone of this is our new Scottish GP contract. This develops the role of our GPs as the Expert Medical Generalist who with the help of new multidisciplinary teams will be able to spend more time with patients in specific need of their expertise. We see you, the GP, providing leadership to the new MDT; coordinating care and having time to concentrate on those with the most complex medical problems. We value what matters to you. Continuity of care, community, feeling connected, collaboration, being curious and open to new learning, as well as having a work life balance. Our vision for primary care is for enhanced and expanded multi-disciplinary community care teams delivering personcentred care and improving outcomes for individuals and local communities. The Scottish Government is already supporting the transformation of primary care to develop new ways of working that will help put in place long-term, sustainable change within primary care services that can better meet changing needs and demands. We recognise that GPs are looking for careers as diverse as our communities across Scotland – urban, rural, tackling inequalities, working across both in-and out-of-hours and developing extended skills as an Expert Medical Generalist. From your first 5 years to your last 5 years as a GP, Scotland can offer either more traditional or portfolio careers which offer challenge and fulfilment.  

Expanding the Primary Care Workforce 

The new GMS Contract is expanding the primary care workforce with a refocusing of both clinical and administrative roles. Integrated community nursing and social care teams will play a key role in planning, managing and monitoring people with more complex health and care needs. GPs are recognised as Expert Medical Generalists, the senior community clinical decision makers who will focus on: 

  • undifferentiated presentations; 
  • complex care in the community; 
  • whole system quality improvement and clinical leadership. 

As Expert Medical Generalists, GPs will coordinate patient care between the enhanced primary care team, health and social care community services and acute hospital services. Significant primary care investment is allowing the expansion of practice teams to include the addition of nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physiotherapists, mental health workers and paramedics to support the delivery of care; ensuring greater access to the right professional at the right time to improve patient outcomes.   

Quality Clusters 

GP Clusters replaced the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) in 2015 as the mechanism to drive quality improvement across primary care. Clusters are composed of Practice Quality Leads (one per practice), who have direct involvement and influence in improving the quality of all health and social care services within their locality. With dedicated time and funding, they play a key role in shaping services and quality planning, based on population needs.  

Realistic Medicine 

To deliver this modernised health care system, NHS Scotland has committed to the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) vision of “Realistic Medicine”; putting the person receiving health and care at the centre of decision-making and encouraging a personalised approach to their care. Its aims of reducing harm and waste, tackling unwarranted variation in care, managing clinical risk, and innovating to improve, are essential to a well-functioning and sustainable NHS. There has been broad-ranging support for these principles from across the professions. The new GP contract is one of the ways in which we are bringing Realistic Medicine to the forefront of our work.  

We Want You 

Could you help us as we strive to modernise our primary care services to deliver a safe, effective and person-centred healthcare service? 

Do you want to work in a system that values GPs and primary care? 

Primary Care in Scotland is changing and we want you to be a part of it. If you have any questions about the opportunities available or would like to discuss living and working as a GP in Scotland in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us: 

Dr Charlie Siderfin 

07900 405964  

Dr Michelle Watts 

07557 848717  

For more detailed information on the different roles, the education and training support that is available, an overview of the different Health Boards and regions of Scotland and a selection of jobs that are available please go to: 

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