Medical Doctors

Bangladesh (BD)
13 May 2021
03 Jun 2021
Contract Type
Fixed Contract
Full Time

Doctors Worldwide Improving Care in Clinical Emergencies (DICE) & Postgraduate Fellowship in Migrant and Refugee Health (PGF)

Medical Doctors Urgently Required for June - July deployment to Bangladesh to train local healthcare workforce

Interviews are being conducted on a rolling basis - early application is strongly recommended

About DWW: Doctors Worldwide is a specialist medical charity based in the UK with a mission to support and collaborate with local communities to build and sustain quality healthcare services in both development and emergency settings. Over the last 19 years we have delivered over 95 medical projects, responded to 13 humanitarian crises and worked in 25 different countries. Together we have impacted more than 3 million lives and counting. Access to quality healthcare is not a privilege, it is a human right, and we work towards making that a reality, especially for the most vulnerable communities.

Situation Background: Doctors Worldwide has been active in Bangladesh since November 2017 responding to the Rohingya Crisis in partnership with the UN-IOM. We have delivered 2 core capacity building and mentoring programmes for Bangladeshi healthcare workers working in the Rohingya camps and surrounding host communities. The 2 programmes address the gaps found in the delivery of quality healthcare by largely junior medical staff operating within the Rohingya camp setting. Both programmes together focus on strengthening the quality of care at both the primary care and emergency care level. In 2021, DWW is delivering two 16-week training programmes blending both the DICE and the PGF programme.

About the DICE programme: Doctors Worldwide Improving Care in Health Emergencies: the DICE  Programme. The DICE programme aims to improve the current health systems in the Rohingya camp and host community by providing hands-on clinical supervision training for Bangladeshi doctors, nurses and medical assistants who are regularly managing acute or life-threatening conditions within 24/7 primary care facilities. DICE involves 4 full days per week of on-site clinical supervision and hands-on training/learning through logbook assessments and patient consultations. There is an additional 1-day of face to face learning/lectures away from the clinical sites for learning and case-based discussion. In 2020, the DICE programme involved 10 health facilities and approximately 60 medical staff from these facilities. See our website here for further details.

About the PGF programme: The Postgraduate Fellowship (PGF) in Migrant and Refugee Health Programme is centred around the delivery of 8 independent modules to Bangladeshi doctors working in the Rohingya refugee camps and host communities. The PGF aims to provide knowledge and best practices of identified clinical topics specifically designed for humanitarian settings. Since 2017, 99 Bangladeshi medical doctors (split into 4 cohorts), have taken part in the 13-week medical education programme designed to strengthen their capacity to respond to those affected by the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh. This represents almost half of all the doctors working in the camps. See our impact report here.

The role: You will be responsible for conducting medical teaching, clinical mentorship, and health facility improvement initiatives to support local Bangladeshi healthcare workers who work for our partnered organisations. This will incorporate a wide range of methodologies including  lectures, group discussions, case-based scenarios, simulated exercises with props. There is also a strong element of clinical shadowing and teaching in the Rohingya refugee camps.

We are looking for doctors from emergency care, and primary care/general practice backgrounds to implement the 2021  DICE  and PGF programmes. You will be supporting and training local staff operating  in 24/7 health facilities operating in refugee camps and host communities in Bangladesh between June and July 2021. You will be introducing and building emergency care, and continuing primary care education focusing on topics such as non-communicable diseases, chronic care management, childhood illnesses, maternal care and more. All training resources will be provided including logbooks to shadow and mentor local healthcare staff within camp clinic settings


Teaching: Selected conference room and health facilities - Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Clinical training & shadowing: In partnered health clinics serving Rohingya refugees within camp setting as well as government health facilities - Cox’s Bazar coastal area, Bangladesh

Time period:

Please note this acts as a guide and reflects both minimum and maximum commitment, longer postings are preferred and will be prioritised at the application stage. Shorter deployments may be available also dependent on application. The curriculum can potentially be moved to suit your availability- please clearly indicate your availability in your cover letter.

Minimum 6 weeks -  June and July 2021

* Personal fundraising is encouraged and supported by Doctors Worldwide


- ST4+

Minimum 6 years of clinical experience post-qualification of medical degree

  • Be able to deliver/teach/in-clinic supervision in the English language
  • We are specifically looking for expert faculty in the following specialities:
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Primary Care

Any experience in medical teaching and education should be highlighted in your cover letter and CV.

Given the complex and unpredictable environment in which you will be working, please highlight if you have the following skills:

  • Past humanitarian response
  • Working in resource-limited medical environments
  • Relevant additional qualifications in the areas of: Tropical Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Public Health, etc.
  • Can speak Bengali or other local dialects
  • Familiarity with Bangladesh and/or South Asian culture and geography

CPD credits

A letter of support can be provided should you choose to register this activity as part of your CPD.


  • The following costs are covered: international and domestic flights, accommodation, visas, insurance, COVID-19 tests for travel and quarantine associated costs, and daily meals.
  • This is a volunteering position but a basic stipend is subject to grant funding (to be confirmed).


DWW will provide the necessary logistical activities such as pre-deployment training,  inductions, and field logistics such as daily travel,  visas, and camp passes for your entire deployment. 

Covid-19 Information:

Regulations are changing rapidly and therefore this section is subject to change. The safety of our staff and volunteers is our primary concern and please be assured that we have considered covid-19 within all aspects of our deployment and put the necessary procedures in place, including the following points.

  • PPE and sanitiser supplied by Doctors Worldwide.
  • Pre travel covid-19 test funded/provided by Doctors Worldwide (required to enter Bangladesh)

Currently there is a mandatory quarantine period upon arrival to Bangladesh from most countries including the UK. The quarantine rules differ depending on country of origin and may take place in a hotel. All costs are paid for by Doctors Worldwide. There may be allowances depending on your covid-19 vaccine status.


Please complete and submit the following to:

  1. This online form:
  2. Select: “2021 Doctor Deployment, Bangladesh
  3. Please upload a CV and Cover Letter directly outlining your experience and qualifications
  4. Please provide 2 references to be contacted. Note: only those who are selected for an interview will undergo reference checks
  5. Please provide proof of medical certification (ex. GMC number)
  6. Please state your availability for deployment

If interested please allow 3-4 weeks for the application to be reviewed and accepted prior to successful deployment.

Recruitment Process

  1. Full application received (see above)
  2. Vetting process A
  3. Applicants notified for interview
  4. Applicants reference checks
  • Vetting process B
  • Applicants notified of volunteer position outcome [unsuccessful or pending after vetting process C]
  • Pending volunteers to go through visa screening eligibility process
  • Pending volunteers to attend mandatory 1-day pre-deployment session, pass the security test & to complete the volunteer forms
  • Vetting process C
  • Unsuccessful applicants notified
  • Successful applicants sent an official confirmation of acceptance as a volunteer for DWW
  • Travel dates agreed & Bangladesh visas applied for in home country  (visa applications can take minimum 10 days to process or longer due to COVID-19)
  • Volunteers approved to book flights [flexi/refundable option only] and reserve accommodation* [such bookings are not to be made prior to this step, any early bookings can result in risk of loss of funds for flight, risk of not being deployed, etc.]

NOTE: THIS POST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS. DWW reserves the right to cancel your deployment at any point prior to your travel dates.  In addition, due to the dynamic situation in the country, visa approvals, access into the country, and access to the Rohingya refugee camps are not guaranteed by DWW. Any applicant who does not meet the pre-deployment logistical dates and deadlines will not be deployed out.

If you are unable to travel out but you would like to be involved in developing educational materials, please inquire to: or visit our website to find out how you can get involved.

Or, donate now to help save lives at: